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About Epoxy Flooring

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to expand your floors lifespan and increase its durability is with epoxy flooring. This flooring system is resistant to chemical, water, and wear/tear damage that would otherwise destroy its competitors. We offer professional epoxy floor installation at the best prices. What makes these floors worth the investment? The epoxy resins. These are the core materials that make your floor strong and resistant once epoxy flooring is installed. The opportunity epoxy flooring presents is that it can be added to many different types of surfaces and with our professionals you are guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re still questioning any epoxy questions, then give us a try and pick up the phone right now.

Types/Styles of Epoxy Floors

  • Metallic - Popular in both commercial and residential settings and making its way into many industrial areas, metallic epoxy flooring is the way to make a big statement. A huge advantage of a metallic epoxy coating is the rare and exotic elegant look a room takes on where the epoxy coating has been added.

  • Flakes - Mostly used for garages, epoxy coloured flakes are used to give the floor an aesthetic appeal, texture and long-term durability. It can also be referred to as paint chips or decorative flakes.

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